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What’s kelulut honey or honey trigona honey?

A different type of honey. Kelulut Honey, or even Trigona honey, is maybe not honey designed from the blossom identified as kelulut, or trigona, however, with a way of a little parasitic referred to as trigona. The floral origin is some blossom; consequently that the honey usually is multi floral.

Trigona can be a parasitic younger compared to Apis mellifera — that our ordinary honey-bee is stingless and includes a very various daily life.

However, they have a queen, drones, and several sterile personnel — only like colonies of mobile honey-bees.

You can find a lot of stingless bees from the Earth, roughly five hundred species. As its name states, they are stingless. Nevertheless, they have a stinger, just that’s, therefore, vestigial that’s lost its defensive role. Some species are very calm when someone interrupts their nest; however, a number of those act as very intense and sting always even until finally, they perish (because it’s true for Trigona hyalinata, a competitive parasitic using ten teeth, even an extremely suicidal bee).

In Malaysia, you can find lots of varieties of stingless bees, even nevertheless honey might also be accumulated exclusively out of a few. Typically the absolute most used is Trigona thoracic that provides us exactly what type of telephone kelulut honey or trigona honey.

Trigona bees would be the most significant genus of all stingless bees, so they all genuinely are oval-shaped pests using golden-yellow and brownish rings. Just about all Trigona bees possess changeable dark-to-light striations. Trigona are only 3 to 5 millimeters in dimension and have a thinner body at complete variance. From most Trigona genus, T. thoracica could be your most significant, having 8 to 9 millimeters in total.

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