Sissification a part of BDSM

Sissification is known as the feminization of a male, this is mainly used for a man who is submissive mainly in BDSM activity. Sissification mainly takes place because of a dominant, who forces the submissive into cross-dressing, without will or knowledge. The males are supposed to take tasks and behave in a feminine manner; this can be grouped with punishment and some spanking.

The clothes in sissification can be quiet homely and a sissy can be told to dress up like a secretary, maid or a princess. This can also become forced and men might be forced to receive anal sex by using a dildo. Orgasm control is also common in this practice; this can be done with the help of a chastity belt. The most common type of sissification is being the sissy maid. In this male submissive is made to dress up like a sissy maid in a frilly uniform; this increases the thrill. A sissy maid is told to perform some sexual as well as non-sexual acts that can totally humiliate a sissy but this is common in sissification.

Jobs of a sissy maid

In sissification theme of the sissy maid is common and in this, a sissy can be given duties that can be very humiliating and messy.

  • Scrub the floors.
  • Cleaning of toilets.
  • Cleaning windows
  • Remove trash from the bins.
  • Wash utensils
  • Serve tea

While doing this a sissy has to put on a lot of makeup and wear high heels the whole day. Sissification can be forced also if a sissy is pushed to do something out of the will, but it is considered better to discuss all the sissy tasks and sissy maid duties beforehand only. Feminization or sissification is a part of BDSM so these activities are common.