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What is RDP Technology?

Remote Desktop Protocol or simply RDP is basically a Microsoft protocol which is designed to facilitate application and data transfer security with encryption between the client, users, devices and virtual network server. In technical terms, it allows transfer of a graphical interface from the remote desktop user to the desktop of another computer user. RDP is compatible with the majority of the local area networks (LAN) protocols and topologies. So it can support up to 64,000 separate data channels within a single multipoint transmission. Some key functions of the RDP are data transfers between the clients and servers, initialization of connections and negotiation capabilities.

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The implementation of RDP has gained popularity, especially in the business sector to manage data transfers and access to data across platforms via a single interface. It can also be implemented on non-Microsoft platforms and is compatible with cross-platform operations. Hence, it is highly recommended to shop RDP connections for companies with budget constraints or high data procurement. Web Pundit is a company that offers its clients to obtain these services on cloud and also in-office set-ups of both personalised and shared RDP’s. They offer the services at fairly reasonable and competitive rates which are to crave for. It provides expert solutions to its clients and addresses any issues listed with the assistance of the local team that looks after the servers.

Features and Liabilities:

Many companies have made a switch to RDP’s due to their efficiency and enhancement in IT solutions. Some of the features of the premium features offered by Web Pundits who offer to shop RDP with a minimum plan bearing a cost of just $4 per month to up to $30 per month are:

  • Advanced powerful processors
  • SATA storage technology
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Gigabit Network port
  • DDR3 RAM
  • Admin Access
  • Whitelisted IP for Browsing
  • No traffic bots
  • Complete anonymity.