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How to Build a Shipping Container Cabin

As makers, we tend to escalate our vision. Each Project idea appears to get a bit more technical, just a tad bit more grandiose in scale. Ben Uyeda of homemade modern is no different. We’ve followed along for years as he and his friends have assembled various solidly constructed bits of furniture and home-based endeavors on homemade modern, shipping container home plans but recently he has released an enormous job that dwarfs all the others in scale. This job is so massive, it got its station to house it, the current home project. Ben has set out to develop and thoroughly file building a house from shipping containers from the desert of Joshua Tree.

Shipping-container homes have been around for quite some time. Correctly what Ben is performing in terms of construction isn’t necessarily fresh. His thorough documentation seems to be at which the value lies. Ben described that he’d considered a delivery container home for quite a while but had never seemed to come across a useful compendium of all he had to know (remember, Ben has a backdrop in doing architectural projects, before becoming into making videos on youtube!). He put out to remedy this mention dilemma by creating their or her edition.

Since you follow along, you’ll learn everything you would need to understand to construct a container home in the same geographic area. It would, obviously, not be possible to say you would learn whatever you’d need to learn to build anywhere because regional building codes can be not only different but even contradictory, however with that in mind this can be a perfect start.

There are now only three videos printed on this project, but you’ll find more on the way. Though I never intend to Create a shipping Container home, I have found this to be thoroughly entertaining and educational. I’m looking forward to more on this show and have found A few pieces of information I think might assist me in upgrades I would love to Make for my workshop.

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