Month: February 2022

All about the knee brace for running

Running is said to cause approximately four times a person’s body weight to pass through their knee joints with every step. Therefore, it is not surprising that runners complain of knee pain frequently.

Overuse injuries are most common in knees from running. They result from repetitive stresses on the joints and soft tissues. These injuries include Patella pain syndrome and knee brace for running. These types of damages do not affect the joint’s stability, so no high-level knee supports are necessary. Simple neoprene sleeves may be an effective option to provide heat retention and compression to your joint. This will encourage blood flow, maintain soft tissue flexibility, and mildly support the joint.

Specialist knee supports and straps may be available in certain cases. An IT band strap can be worn above your knee in cases of IT Band Syndrome. This will apply pressure to the IT bands on the outside knee. It reduces strain and encourages blood flow. A cambivo strap can be used for jumpers’ knees.

Patella mal-tracking, an issue for runners, is characterized by aching pain at one’s knees, particularly when running downhill or after a run. This condition can be treated with knee support that includes patella support. It may take the form of a buttress around the knee cap that will stabilize it. A buttress or medial strap may pull the patella medially to stop the excessive lateral movement for more advanced models.

Acute injuries like cartilage and ligament tears are more common when the joint is twisted or falls. Greater support might be needed for those who have sustained an acute injury to the knee and want to return to running. This limits the lateral and twisting movements that strain the healing structures knee brace for running. While a stabilized support can do this, it’s important to remember your comfort while exercising. The LP709a, LP X-Tremus or LP X-Tremus are lightweight options that allow knee extension and flexion. A hinged knee brace, for example, may be too bulky and restrict your full motion. You may not be ready to run if you need a heavy-duty knee brace.

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