Works completed along with artificial grass

A number of these failures could have been prevented if the previous repairers hadn’t attempted to adhere seaming tape to seaming tape without keying the back of a single the tape functions allowing the adhesive to bond. It is absolutely imperative that the repairers/contractors keep pressing on the seams as they are curing if not they’ll lift and separate, where have I heard that before?

But we agreed to put things straight and to the end we sent down three teams of men and machines to completely cut out the neglected joints such as the older tape and added new matching stuff and re-join into the old pitch and create a secure playable surface again. Was the time taken? 180 man hours plus 130 sqm of fresh substance and 100 kg of adhesives and hardeners.

Works completed along with artificial grass also the pitch reopened happy days, but it could and should have been prevented if it had just been done correctly in the first location. The lesson? Employ a builder with experience in installing and repairing these types of surfaces.