Kind Of Blue: Legacy Edition Commemorates most important jazz album – #12 in Rolling Stone’s 500 Realest LP’s of all time


- 2-CD Kind Of Blue: Legacy Edition presents original album plus studio sequences, false starts, and alternate takes from 1958-59 sessions, plus 17-minute “So What” (live in Holland, 1960); Same two audio CD’s as featured in “super-deluxe” 12-inch box set of 2008

- In depth liner notes essay by award-winning Miles Davis authority Francis Davis, plus embedded .pdf file with “enhanced digital booklet” from box set

- Latest entry in prestigious ‘Legacy Edition’ series available at both physical and digital retail outlets starting January 20, 2009, through Columbia/Legacy

- “Kind of Blue @ 50” World Tour starring Jimmy Cobb & The So What Band opens May 2nd at New Orleans Jazz Fest, continues through 2009, produced and promoted by Absolutely Live/International Music Network

- Also: Jazz At Lincoln Center presents “Miles and Coltrane: 50th Anniversary of Kind of Blue and Giant Steps,” February 12-14th at Rose Theater, featuring special guest Jimmy Cobb, with Take 6, Mulgrew Miller and his trio,and the JALC Orchestra saxophone section

KIND OF BLUE: LEGACY EDITION – which includes final LP tracks, and all known alternate takes, studio sequences, and one false start – now becomes the basic catalog staple by which the next generation will know this album.  The double-CD package will be available at all physical and digital retail outlets starting January 20, 2009, through Columbia/Legacy, a division of SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT.  
This Legacy Edition celebrates a masterwork and its prelude, offering the only other studio sides we have by Davis’ sextet, and a later live recording, illustrating how this band evolved and where they were headed on their journey toward immortality.
KIND OF BLUE: LEGACY EDITION comes four months after the September 30, 2008, release ofKIND OF BLUE: 50th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTORS EDITION, and provides an affordable alternative to the box set.  Among the many contents of that expansive and lavishly-designed 12-inch slip¬case box was a 60-page bound book that included exclusive photographs, full discographical annotation, and critical essays written by Miles Davis authorities Francis Davis and Prof. Gerald Early, plus session transcripts by Ashley Kahn.  The newly configured double-CD package will contain a standard CD booklet with a reworked 2,500-word version of the Davis essay, and an embedded .pdf file with an enhanced digital booklet adapted from the box set.

“Davis captured the mood of uncertainty that prevailed in bohem¬ian and intellectual circles at the end of the 1950s – a time when the artists and audiences who were most committed to the modern¬ist ideal of ongoing progress in the arts were also reading the Beats and J.D. Salinger and pondering Zen Buddhism’s riddles of bliss¬ful acceptance of things as they are.”
– from the liner notes written by Francis Davis

(88697 27105 2, originally issued August 17, 1959, as Columbia 8163)
 Disc One – Selections: 
1. So What (B)
2. Freddie Freeloader (B)
3. Blue in Green (B)
4. All Blues (C) 
5. Flamenco Sketches (C)
6. Flamenco Sketches (alternate take) (C)
7. Freddie Freeloader – studio sequence 1 (B)
8. Freddie Freeloader – false start (B)
9. Freddie Freeloader – studio sequence 2 (B)
10. So What – studio sequence 1 (B)
11. So What – studio sequence 2 (B)
12. Blue in Green – studio sequence (B)
13. Flamenco Sketches – studio sequence 1 (C)
14. Flamenco Sketches – studio sequence 2 (C)
15. All Blues – studio sequence (C)
Disc Two – Selections:
1. On Green Dolphin Street (A)
2. Fran-Dance (A)
3. Stella by Starlight (A)
4. Love for Sale (A)
5. Fran-Dance (alternate take) (A)
6. So What (D, previously released in
unauthorized form)

Key to recordings:
(A) – Session of Monday, May 26, 1958: MD, CA, JC, BE, PC, JCB. 
(B) – Session of Monday, March 2, 1959: MD, CA, JC, WK
(on Freddie Freeloader only), BE, PC, JCB.
(C) – Session of Wednesday, April 22, 1959: MD, CA, JC, BE, PC, JCB. 
(D) – Concert of Saturday, April 9, 1960: MD, CA, JC, WK, PC, JCB 
(at the Kurhaus, Den Haag, Holland).

MD – Miles Davis (trumpet)
CA – Julian ‘Cannonball’ Adderley (alto saxophone)
JC – John Coltrane (tenor saxophone)
WK – Wynton Kelly (piano)
BE – Bill Evans (piano)
PC – Paul Chambers (bass)
JCB – Jimmy Cobb (drums)